Nourish Your Soul

Nourish Your Soul

Nourish Your SoulNourish Your SoulNourish Your Soul

Free Coaching during the Crisis

Peace in Confusing Times - Free Resources 

Pandemic Free Resources

1 Free Coaching Session

Free Coaching Through April 19, 2020

Free Coaching Through April 19, 2020

Having trouble finding your peace in this time of chaos and confusion? Schedule a free introductory call and learn how to use this time of uncertainty to emerge rested, peaceful, and prosperous. 

Free Coaching Through April 19, 2020

Free Coaching Through April 19, 2020

Free Coaching Through April 19, 2020

In an effort to give back during this time I am offering free coaching, once per week per person to anyone who needs it during this pandemic and time of staying in to flatten the curve. 

Free Stress Reduction PDF

Free Coaching Through April 19, 2020

Free Stress Reduction PDF

During these confusing times I am offering my chapter in Natural and Organic Healing, v. 3 as a resource to those looking for peace in the midst of chaos. Use the tips in this chapter to rest and restore to become more. 



Free Stress Reduction PDF

Add consciousness to what you intake. While staying informed is important, perhaps watching something other than the news will help nourish your soul. 




Journaling is an excellent way to free your mind of all that is coming up for you during these times of mass chaos. Feel free to write to me if you would like a response to the outpouring of your soul. 




I have recorded a special list of scriptures to alleviate fear and anxiety. For those who put their trust in The Lord, listening to these verses upon rising and going to sleep will help remind you that God is in control. 

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Get your information from reputable sources. Here are links to reputable sources of information:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Free Stress Reduction PDF

About Reina

I'm Reina Rose. As an International best-selling author and Soul Nutrition ROKU TV show host I share my unique experience and expertise on the importance of nourishing the soul. Digging deep into the question of what truly satisfies our inner life, I distill ancient wisdom into practical tools useful for today's modern audiences. As a former fitness professional and lifelong student of human behavior, I do my best to draw powerful parallels between harmful food cravings and the common mindsets and behaviors that harm our souls. From stress management to meditation to prayer to mindful self-awareness, my topics direct audiences on a journey toward personal and spiritual fulfillment. 


Speaking Topics


Running and Resting (The New R&R)

Avoid burnout and learn to be peacefully productive by knowing when to set aside restorative downtime in order to increase peak performance.  (Book: Natural and Organic Healing V.3)

Take Your Meds (1 Minute Meditations)

The best medication for good choices, good relationships, and good health is a clear and peaceful mind. Taking just one minute before starting a task or making a decision be the difference between good and bad choices.  (Live Events, Coaching, and Consulting.)

Soul Nutrition (Living Fulfilled)

Tapping into the nourishment of your soul in order to live your best and most purposeful life.

(ROKU TV Show: Soul Nutrition on The CTM Station.)

Master Money (Organize, Prioritize, Live)

Become the master of your money rather than money mastering you. Discover the places where money has enslaved you and learn to organize your finances and your life in a way that allows you to live free and in charge. (Live Events, Coaching, and Consulting.)


success and stress management

Live Successfully

Most of my clients come to me for financial coaching and  discover financial abundance and so much more!

joyful stress management

Live Joyfully

All the financial success in the world can't buy joy. Reina teaches her clients how to live peacefully and joyfully, leading them to greater success in all areas of life. .

adventure stress reduction

Live Adventurously

The reason we work is to enjoy life's adventures with those we love. Reina teaches clients to enjoy moments with loved ones, becoming so full of life that the natural response is to give back. 


Return To Life Retreats

Return To Life Retreats

Sometimes life get so busy and chaotic that we actually need to take a solid pause in order to stop the spinning all around us. This pause however, is an active pause which allows us to create life from a place of peace and sound mind. Return to Life Retreats are a "Restart Button" for your soul. Reina Rose has been teaching wellness since 2003, pilates since 2004, and had spent decades visiting monasteries, spending time in silence, and studying meditation and spirituality. Her Return To Life Retreats bring the best parts of the monastery experience to you, without the need to sit in silence for days on end. Retreats include mornings of waking up the body with pilates, afternoons quieting the mind with meditation and silence, and workshops for creating the life you desire from a place of peace. A Return To Life Retreat will change your life by teaching you the stillness that reawakens the senses and allows the space to enter back into the world centered, focused, and prioritizing what matters most. Come join Reina in a Return to Life Retreat and tap into the nourishment your soul has been craving.

Reduce stress retreat


Check out my ROKU TV series "Soul Nutrition" on CTM channel, where she interviews guests with meaningful messages that nourish the soul. Catch these soul nourishing episodes on ROKU or YouTube!

Reina Rose Avoid Burnout Book. Reduce Stress.

Published Works

#1 International Best Selling Book!

Natural and Organic Healing is an incredible book project I have been a part of with over twenty-one health experts in various fields giving their best wellness advice, tips, and secrets all in one easy to read book!

Buy on Amazon, or contact to receive your signed copy!

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New Book Coming Soon!

"Sin Tastes Good" (Nourishing The Soul in an Empty Calorie World)

"Sin Tastes Good (Nourishing the Soul in an Empty Calorie World)" 

Sin Tastes Good takes readers on an inward journey to discovering their very souls. Comparing this path of self-discovery with the body’s need for healthy nourishment, STG reminds readers that the ancient concept of sin simply means to miss the mark. It may look like a bellyache full of sticky sweet candy or a behavior that leaves us feeling empty and aching. STG helps readers ask new questions and consider different answers in search of inner fulfillment. Looking for transformation? Your journey to a life more abundant starts here. 

“Those who seek will find.” — Jesus 

More About Reina

Reina Rose

    Having spent my early childhood attending an international school in the country of Brunei, I started out life attending school with children from every culture and country. Sitting alongside royalty in the classroom and driving by stilt houses on the way home gave me a very different perspective on life from quite a young age. The transition from one polar opposite education system and culture to another was at first a challenge, but has left me with a keen sense of creativity and an incredible aptitude for problem solving. 

    I started my first business in the health and fitness sector when I was nineteen years old, and my obsession with longevity and living a full life was launched with this first taste of entrepreneurialism and helping clients achieve their best lives. I joke that personal training was actually my first life-coaching job, although this may be more accurate than I realized at the time. 

    My varied career has taken me to places and given me perspectives I once only dreamed of. Having experienced life on a private jet, traveling around the world attending and participating in numerous exclusive events that I had previously pasted to my vision boards has given me the opportunity to pay close attention to those who live life well and those who seem to have everything yet still live empty and unfulfilled lives. Through experience, research, and much observation I have worked to cultivate an attitude of what I call "running and resting." 

    I was first exposed to this way of living in my early twenties when business would slow and I would ask my mentor what I needed to DO. He would advise me to enjoy the slow time, for surely the busy season would arrive soon enough. As hard as it was not to panic, and to instead enjoy the downtime in a culture that encourages hustle at all costs and at all times, this life long lesson of enjoying the seasons has proved most valuable to living a life of peaceful and prosperous productivity, and teaching others to do the same. 


    Through my practice of visiting monasteries, spending time in silence, and being a life long student of meditation and spirituality I teach audiences and clients alike how to work from a well rested and restored place which consistently produces more focused and successful results. I truly believe that when we are able to bring our lives into peaceful and prosperous productivity and are abundant and overflowing in all areas of life, our natural response is to give back to the world around us. Among the charities I participates in, the one closest to my heart is the orphanage program I serve in, teach to, and visit abroad. I believe we truly come to life when we use our overflow to bless the life of another. 

    Working passionately publishing books, broadcasting television shows, and coaching clients and audiences deeper into their own calling, I am committed to helping people live peaceful, stress-free lives by teaching how to slow down in order to be more focused and effective. I am absolutely  committed to helping cultivate spiritual, emotional, and financial wellness for individuals and communities throughout the globe using my writing, teaching, and work with orphanages, churches, and various organizations to share God's peace with the world one person and organization at a time. 

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